Protests, boycott calls as anger grows over

Putin: Gays Shouldn t Fear in Sochi Al Jazeera

 And they might just not worry about whether theyre going to get their head bashed in as well.The catalogue of human rights abuses committed against lgbt people in Russia is truly horrific.

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lgbt groups warn of impending tragedy as Olympics approach violence increases. Even gay rumours can get a man arrested. As I'm sure you know, the news from Russia

isn't good certainly not if you're lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. As Stephen club Fry wrote in his open letter to David Cameron and the Olympic committee, sport "does not exist in a bubble outside society or politics". In September he told The Guardian that he felt an obligation to perform in Russia so that gay men and women living there did not feel like they were in "an isolated situation". What should have been a thoroughly happy occasion was somewhat dampened by the news from Russia. Activists from the Russian lgbt Network, the lgbt organization Coming Out (Vyhod the Alliance of Straights for lgbt Equality, the group Help for the Detainees. ( kojoku / m but it gets worse. Ilya Varlamov, with permission heres the full statement from the Russian lgbt groups: russian lgbt network, lGBT organization coming OUT (vyhod). Late last month, two separate suicide bombings on an electric bus and at a train station in Volgograd, located 425 miles northeast of Sochi, killed 34 people and injured over 100. Homosexual acts are now punishable by imprisonment. States classifying gay sex as a crime. 'Obliged' to perform, the singer reportedly interrupted his Friday show to voice his concerns about the legislation. VL, the link you draw between what's going on in Russia and black people in South Africa and Jews (and gay men and women, let us not forget) in Nazi Germany is a fair one, but the world changes and the tools we have. Putin's comments in an interview broadcast Sunday with Russian and foreign television stations displayed the wide gulf between Putins views on homosexuality and that of many in the West ahead of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi that could be overshadowed by the debate. Image copyright Getty Images, image caption David Furnish and Elton John attended a benefit for the Elton John Aids Foundation in October. Petersburgs defenders of human rights. Petersburg Legislative Assembly. What if every right-minded individual, whether lgbt or not, attending Sochi in any capacity, wore the rainbow flag in some form? Putin also appeared confident that allegations of corruption surrounding the sporting event were false. And this time, gay and trans people are the latest flavor of dissidents that the Russian government plans to stamp out. Russian promoters, SAV Entertainment, had earlier insisted the two concerts would "go ahead as planned" despite concerns over the country's crackdown on gay rights. Twenty five years ago I was chaining myself to the gates of Downing Street in protest at this country's many homophobic laws. The British singer said he was "sad to learn" of a law banning the "propaganda of homosexuality" to minors. This Week about safety concerns at the Olympics, Putin offered new assurances that security would not be an issue. And just as importantly, what does the International Olympic Committee plan to do about this clear threat to gay and gay-friendly athletes and Olympic guests? How many gay people, or pro-gay people, attending the Sochi Winter Olympics next February, 2014 are going to be detained in solitary confinement for two weeks because the Russian authorities dont like minorities? There is even talk of removing children from parents thought to be lesbian or gay. So I'd prefer it if lgbt athletes and their supporters boycotted the winter Olympics. Video by Dmitry Zykov the IOCs response to the clear violation of the Olympic charter was pathetic at best. Having started their attack with vulgar verbal abuse, followers of various nationalist groups soon switched to beating the demonstrators and pelting them with stones and smoke bombs. Putin further pledged that the security task force itself would not engender what some analysts have suggested will be a 'Gulag Olympics.' "We will try to make sure that security measures are not in-your-face, do not pressure the athletes and visitors or reporters.

Among the organizers were groups Slavyanskaya Sila Slavic Power Russkaya Probezhka Russian Joggers and others known for their calls for violence against homosexuals. We are proud, if they do decide. Ruled in 2003 that such laws were unconstitutional. Activist friends from Nigeria tell me that things there are getting worse. Homophobia, people belonging gay to nonRussian ationalities, if we allow ourselves to be weak. Lawyers and psychologists with the lgbt organizations are continuing to provide the participants of the. And distortion and disregard for the truth. Let our fear to be seen. quot; however, while your concern for the safety of any lgbt or prolgbt athlete is noted. As it against were, but, itapos, it is the consequence of the tendency towards escalating aggression within farright groups.

An international backlash against, russia s anti- gay propaganda law is gaining force, including calls for a boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympics.Russia.grows over, russia anti- gay propaganda laws.

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All that has occurred in the last few days has been no isolated or accidental episode. Confirmed the apprehensions of many human rights defenders that Russias newlyenacted homophobic legislation would spur a growth in violence and incite action from neoNazi groups. Ll do everything russia against gay within our power to make sure those efforts are effective. Pointing to laws that remain on the books in some. Who would ever have thought that it would be a Conservative government that would bring about full human rights for that is what russia against gay equal marriage is for gay men and women in the.

But I don't think it's a decision that should be imposed by anyone else.Just the presence of lgbt athletes in Sochi is an affront to Putin, and wouldn't it be lovely to rub his nose in it, if (I'm hoping when) New Zealand skater Blake Skjellerup or American skater Johnny Weir (both out and proud) win medals, sporting."Despite the groundless rumours spread by the internet and media that Elton John's concerts in Russia could be cancelled, the organiser assures you that Elton John's shows in Moscow and Kazan will go ahead as planned they said.

Russia s Anti-, gay, law

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Wearing the rainbow flag is illegal (someone was arrested a while back for wearing rainbow suspenders ).